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Broad Use of Digital Certificates – Certificate Security

Widespread Use of Digital Certificates

Possible usage cases of digital certificates are expanding day by day. Certifications continue to solidify their place in the world of education and work. Individuals who see the difference made by these certificates in the business world continue to work for more. At the same time, they get a digital proof of the work they have done and the experience they have gained in the fields that they are interested in. The main reason for the widespread use of digital certificates is that they solve many problems. These digital documents, which contain various information about the education received and the qualifications achieved, facilitate the work of both employers and employees. These certificates continue to be one of the most important tools in the implementation of the lifelong learning principle. The most effective way to keep up with the changing structure of the business world and gain new acquisitions is to obtain certificates in different fields. With the portfolio you have created, you can easily show which areas you are interested in. These digital documents continue to play an important role in in-house training as well. Most of the companies that want to develop their employees in certain areas are applying certification training. This training allows people to specialize in the work they do. In this way, the process of adding value to one’s self never ends.

Besides all of the futures of the digital certificates and badges which make life easier for everyone, the fact that designing of the certificates can differentiate and evolve has played an important role for these digital documents to draw attention. These documents, which can be detailed with different information, meet different needs. These certificates allow people to have a unique education. In this period, when the rate of getting higher education increased, the competition level also skyrocketed. Having a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree does not guarantee that you will find the job you want. The certificates you will obtain will differentiate you.

Making sharing certificates so easy is one of the most important features of digital certificates. These certificates, which can be shared with a QR code or a link, can be sent anywhere in the world. Since these documents are digital, you can also share them on social media sites or professional platforms such as LinkedIn and continue to strengthen your profile on the Internet.

Certificate Security

  Physical certificates are the ones printed on a piece of paper. As you can imagine, in this period when everything was built on computers and the internet, physical certificates began to fail to meet our needs. These certificates can be copied and manipulated very easily. These factors also make the certificate security of physical certificates questionable. For many companies, these certificates are unreliable and need validation. Companies may need to spend time and resources to ensure the authenticity of documents. This is where digital certificates come into play and can solve the problems created by their physical versions. They enhance certificate security by eliminating the possibility of certificate fraud. Private keys can be used to encrypt information in digital certificates. Keys are activated and stored through these certificates. All of these methods are used to eliminate the problem of certificate security.

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