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What is Arcwise in Google Sheets? 

The ability to harness data effectively has become paramount for organizations seeking to gain a competitive edge in the 21st century. Arcwise is a revolutionary spreadsheet add-on designed to streamline data analysis processes by seamlessly connecting spreadsheets to large datasets from data warehouses such as Snowflake and Looker. By eliminating the need to export and import CSV files, Arcwise empowers users to conduct powerful data analysis directly within familiar spreadsheet tools like Google Sheets. 

With Arcwise, users can access and analyze large datasets from platforms like Snowflake and Looker directly within familiar spreadsheet environments, eliminating the need for manual data exports and imports. Moreover, as organizations prioritize upskilling and reskilling their workforce, micro-credentials have emerged as a valuable tool for individuals looking to enhance their expertise in specific domains, including data analysis. By integrating micro-credentials into the data analysis workflow, you can validate your proficiency in data analysis techniques and leverage technologies like Archwise. Let’s delve into the details of what is Arcwise in Google Sheets and its benefits. 

Unlocking Unlimited Data Analysis

What is Arcwise in Google Sheets Unlocking Unlimited Data Analysis

Unlimited Rows and Scalability: Arcwise breaks the shackles of row limits, allowing users to explore their entire data warehouse seamlessly. With the ability to work with massive datasets, Arcwise enables users to scale their spreadsheet analysis without constraints. With Arcwise, users can pull unlimited rows of data directly into their spreadsheets, enabling them to build pivot tables, and charts, and conduct in-depth analysis without the need for manual data extraction and manipulation. 

Seamless Live Data Connections:

Seamless Live Data Connections

Arcwise’s ability to establish seamless live data connections with sources like Snowflake and Looker is a game-changer for data analysis within Google Sheets. This feature ensures that users can tap into the most current datasets without the hassle of exporting and importing CSV files. By bypassing these manual steps, Arcwise significantly streamlines the data analysis workflow, saving users valuable time and effort. With live data connections, Arcwise keeps insights up-to-date in real time. This means that users can access the latest information directly from their data warehouses without delays or data staleness. Whether it’s pulling in sales figures, customer demographics, or inventory levels, Arcwise ensures that users are working with the most current data available. By eliminating the need for CSV file transfers, Arcwise minimizes the risk of errors or discrepancies that can occur during data import processes. Users can trust that the data they’re analyzing in Google Sheets is accurate, consistent, and reflective of the most recent updates in their data sources. 

Guided Analysis with AI Assistance

Guided Analysis with AI Assistance

Arcwise’s AI copilot feature revolutionizes data analysis by offering guided assistance and support to users throughout their workflows. This intelligent tool is designed to accelerate the analysis process and enhance productivity by providing valuable guidance and insights. One of the key functionalities of the AI copilot is its ability to explain charts and visualizations. When users encounter complex charts or graphs in their data analysis, the AI copilot steps in to offer clear and concise explanations, helping users understand the underlying trends and

patterns more effectively. This feature is particularly valuable for users who may not have a deep understanding of data visualization techniques, as it enables them to interpret and communicate their findings with confidence. By leveraging the AI copilot’s recommendations, users can quickly perform complex calculations and derive meaningful insights from their data without the need for extensive manual intervention. Whether users are conducting exploratory data analysis, building predictive models, or generating reports, the AI copilot adapts its guidance to suit the task at hand, providing relevant suggestions and recommendations to support the user’s workflow. 

Empowering Pivot Table Creation: 

Arcwise revolutionizes the process of creating pivot tables by offering intuitive and user-friendly tools that streamline data summarization and visualization. With Arcwise, users can effortlessly generate pivot tables on warehouse data, enabling them to dynamically analyze and aggregate vast datasets with ease. Whether users are experienced analysts or novices, Arcwise’s intuitive interface empowers them to leverage the full potential of pivot tables for in-depth data analysis. By simplifying the pivot table creation process, Arcwise enhances the analytical capabilities of users across all skill levels, enabling them to derive actionable insights and make informed decisions based on their data. With Arcwise, users can unlock the power of pivot tables to gain valuable insights into their data and drive business success. 

Formula to SQL Conversion:

Formula to SQL Conversion:

One of the standout features of Arcwise is its ability to convert spreadsheet formulas into SQL queries automatically. This functionality not only enhances the efficiency of data analysis but also ensures data lineage and integrity by maintaining a clear link between spreadsheet calculations and the underlying source data. Additionally, Arcwise offers AI-powered guidance and assistance, allowing users to leverage artificial intelligence to expedite analysis, learn shortcuts, and gain insights into their data. By automatically converting spreadsheet formulas to SQL queries, Arcwise maintains data lineage from the spreadsheet to the source data, ensuring accuracy and consistency in analysis. This feature enhances data governance practices and facilitates seamless collaboration among team members. 

Enabling Self-Service Analysis: Arcwise empowers business analysts to conduct ad hoc analysis on enterprise data within a familiar spreadsheet interface, reducing dependencies on data teams. By providing self-service analytics capabilities, Arcwise enables users to explore data independently and derive actionable insights quickly. This self-service approach to analysis streamlines workflows and eliminates blockages, allowing business analysts to access and analyze data on their own terms. With Arcwise, users can leverage their existing spreadsheet skills to conduct sophisticated analyses, freeing up data teams to focus on more strategic initiatives. By enabling self-service analysis, Arcwise empowers business analysts to make data-driven decisions with confidence and agility, driving innovation and growth within their organizations. 

Facilitating Data Team Efficiency: For data teams, Arcwise offers a streamlined approach to analysis, reducing the burden of constant analytics requests. By enabling self-service analysis and maintaining data governance through formula-to-SQL linking, Arcwise helps data teams focus on strategic initiatives and decision-making. Arcwise simplifies the process

of accessing and analyzing data by providing users with direct connectivity to their company’s data sources. Users can effortlessly install the Arcwise add-on within Google Sheets and establish connections to data warehouses like Snowflake and Looker. 

Who Can Benefit from Arcwise?

Who Can Benefit from Arcwise?

Business Analysts: Arcwise is tailored to meet the needs of business analysts who require on-demand access to enterprise data for analysis. By offering a familiar spreadsheet interface, Arcwise empowers business analysts to explore data independently and derive actionable insights without relying on data teams. This self-service approach enables business analysts to work more efficiently and make data-driven decisions with confidence. Data Teams: Data teams can leverage Arcwise to enable self-service analysis and reduce the influx of analytics requests. With Arcwise’s formula-to-SQL conversion feature, data teams can ensure data governance and lineage while allowing users to conduct analysis autonomously. By empowering users to analyze data directly within their spreadsheets, Arcwise streamlines the analytics process and frees up data teams to focus on strategic initiatives and data-driven decision-making. This collaboration between business analysts and data teams enhances productivity and promotes a culture of data-driven decision-making within organizations.

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