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Podcasts to Listen to Improve Your Coaching Skills

Coaching could be a lucrative career or a side gig if you enjoy bringing the best of our people and have a talent for teaching. The best way to improve your skills is learning from more experienced people, and coaching is not any different. By listening to podcasts by experienced coaches, you can improve your coaching and learn valuable skills to teach others. We compiled a list of the best coaching podcasts that you should listen to. Even if you are an experienced coach, we are sure that you can find some valuable information in these podcasts.

1- The Coaching Podcast

The Coaching Podcast is a very entertaining series hosted by Simon Blair and Emma Doyle in which they analyze the similarities and contrasts among coaching in business and in sport. There are a variety of guests who share their perspectives on the issues they confront and the solutions they take to overcome them. These individuals include leadership advisers, conference speakers, entrepreneurs, coaches and athletes.

2- WorkLife

WorkLife, a TED original podcast hosted by organizational psychologist Adam Grant, is a must-listen for aspiring coaches who look to learn from the experiences of professionals. Adam hopes to disseminate knowledge through interviewing uncommon professionals who rise to the occasion and overcome the obstacles and problems that life throws at them to achieve success in their chosen job or profession. WorkLife remains a popular podcast to this day, and was near the top of podcast rankings in 2018.

Coaching podcasts
Coaching Podcasts

3- Coaches Rising

Coaches Rising normally offer paid training to coaches, but they also have a podcast where they share knowledge for free. They aim to share expert knowledge through a series of interviews with professional coaches. This is one of the best podcasts to listen to if you are an aspiring coach.

4- Coaching for Leaders

Coaching for leaders attracted more than 25 million downloads and is one of the most popular leadership and coaching podcasts. ‘Coaching for Leaders’, a tremendously popular podcast hosted by Dr. Dave Stachowiak, has been broadcasting since 2011. The development of leadership abilities is assisted by over 300 episodes of actionable insight, fascinating speakers, and entertaining delivery.

5- Excellent Executive Coaching

The “Excellent Executive Coaching” podcast, hosted by credentialed Dr. Katrina Burrus, provides coaching methodologies as well as helpful resources for professional coaches in a relaxed and informal setting. The podcast is comprised of interviews and dialogues between professional leaders and educators from throughout the world, resulting in a broad collection of tales and recommendations. It also encourages professional coaches to continue their education because learning is a lifelong process.

If you want to teach others, you need to first learn from more experienced coaches. These podcasts provide vast amounts of knowledge and are sure to improve your coaching skills. There are many other podcasts that you can listen to as well, but we recommend that you start from one from this list and work your way up from there.

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