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One of the keys to ensuring that learners learn well and get the most out of what they’re doing is to keep them engaged in your online learning program. Making something interactive is one of the most effective methods to get students more involved in what they’re doing. Online training learners have no choice but to get involved and take an active role in their learning while having interactive online trainig experiences. Taking active role awards them with a digital certificate. Here are some basic strategies to make your online learning program more interactive and award your trainees by using a digital certificate generator.

5 Steps For An Interactive Training Program

1- Let people choose the way

Allowing the student to choose where they want to begin in a variety of topics and units allows them to quickly find relevant content and become interested in the program. If necessary, students can be steered along the learning path with recommendations or some mandatory units but allowing them to choose the sequence in which they acquire topics empowers and engages the learner.

2- Invite learners to contribute

Another option to empower learners is to have them share their expertise by creating materials or holding online group study sessions. Task-based learning can provide learners with a tangible, relevant consequence that can be shared with others who are at an earlier stage in their learning journey to motivate and assist them with their studies.

 3- Incorporate an interactive element on each slide

Without interactive aspects, an interactive online training program would be utterly nonreciprocal. Including interactive components in your slides or pages will increase learner adoption and engagement. It could be as simple as clicking a button to have anything appear or as simple as dragging and dropping. Anything that motivates students to act to progress will suffice.

When creating interactive training in PowerPoint, for example, make sure that learners must interact with something on every single slide. The lack of consistent interaction in an online course defeats the purpose of immersive training programs. And you want active learners, not passive spectators.

5 Steps For An Interactive Training Program
5 Steps For An Interactive Training Program

4- Add digital storytelling to your courses

Digital storytelling is a creative learning approach that puts learners at the center of attention. With digital storytelling, learners are the ones who control a course’s content as well as how it will unfold. However, what makes it such an effective training method is that it evokes emotions.

Here is an excellent example of using digital storytelling in online training programs for employees: Document employees’ day at work and use that as content for an onboarding course. This way, when you’re onboarding new hires, you will set the right expectations for particular roles in the organization and put a human face to your organization.

5- Include interactive 360° images and videos

The use of interactive 360° video is always a welcome addition to any interactive training program. Immersive learning experiences require learners to take control of their learning environment, and interactive 360° media is what this is all about.

Interactive videos like these can be used for virtual tours around actual locations that your learners work (or will work) at, so they can get familiar with them. Also, employing this type of interactive media is a precursor to using virtual reality for learning. So, if you are planning to implement VR learning in the future, you might want to experiment with interactive video first.

To wrap up these are the 5 steps you must take before starting your online course and make it effective for your students too. If you don’t want to lose their interest in your class or the study you are giving them, interactive classes always are the best option to make your student stay focused all the time during their studying time.

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