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How Long Can Digital Certificates Be Valid?

Validity Process For Digital Certificates

The traditional certification processes we know today are being replaced by digitalized and much more innovative Digital Certificates and Digital Badges. It is very common to send digital badges. Particularly, the pandemic conditions that entered our lives with the Covid-19 process force the online education process and online education platforms to make their processes more digital. In our world, which is digitizing and developing day by day, most objects are now transforming into a more digital and useful ones. Differentiating from the traditional process, the certification processes, which are now digitalized, were also carried out on paper in the past. It is also much more likely that the paper used, including its material, will wear out or become unusable, alongside digitalizing processes.

Digitized certification processes not only eliminate the wear and tear of the certificate, but also increase its shareability. For example, if you want to share your traditional certificate, the process will be challenging for you and the traditional certificate image will appear as an older method in changing and developing digital social media and business platforms. With digital certificates, you can perform these processes in a much shorter way, and at the same time, you can share this new competence that you have gained with just a few clicks with your entire network. Digital badges and digital certificates are also verified and do not doubt the reliability of the training you receive, both for you and the people you share it with.

These digitalized certification processes have actually extended their validity periods incredibly since they can be stored in digital environments. While the process of maintaining any traditional certificate in a healthy way often requires care and attention, minor accidents (such as coffee, water spills) can have incredibly unfortunate consequences for you. As long as it is kept in any digital storage area in the digitalized certificate processes, it is not lost and can be backed up at any time. In traditional certification processes, processes such as renewal or copying can also be considered tedious and time-consuming processes.

Certification validity processes may vary depending on the institution you receive or the diversity of the education received. Obtaining the digital certificate or digital badge of the education process you have outside of the affiliated institution can now be solved in a very short time in digitalized processes. In addition to all this process, when we consider the climate crisis, traditional certificates cause much more harm to the environment than digital certificates in the paper care they use. The incentive to use a digital certificate or digital badge offers us a more logical and effective way from this point of view.

The differences between the use of digital certificates and the use of traditional certificates can be listed as above. Among the various differences we have mentioned, namely, being accessible via a tablet phone or computer, in short, any technological device, carrying out the process with a more environmentally friendly policy, and at the same time checking the accuracy of the processes with the smart barcodes used in digital certificates, ensuring their reliability helps us to increase the use of digital certificates on certificate validity.

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