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Digital Vs Traditional Certificates in Online Training

Today, with the Covid process, most educational institutions have made all their education processes online and have successfully implemented this process with digital certificate and digital badge incentives by integrating online education systems. In traditional education methods, the fact that at the end of the training every information cannot be shared on social media or on important platforms in business life such as LinkedIn, the digital version of the whole process has become much easier. Digitalized certification processes can easily solve this problem with digital badges and digital certificates, and they can be shared. With these certificates and badges that can be shared, it has become easier to strengthen our digital identity. In this blog we will compare the use of digital certificates and traditional certificates in online training.

Digitalized World, Digitalized Certificates

It is very important for us what kind of sharing we do for platforms such as social media and LinkedIn, which are important in business life and where we can create our digital identities. We create a brand perception of ourselves through the shares we make and leave an image in people’s minds in recruitment or in daily life. For this very reason, it is of great importance that the use of digital certificates in online training is different from the use of traditional certificates, that is, they can be shared much more conveniently and easily. These processes, which have differences in themselves, have now become an important part of our digitalized world. It also helps us avoid the waste of paper and electricity that we spend in traditional certification processes by supporting the climate problems we are in around the world at some point. In addition to this, digital certificates, unlike traditional certificates, can be transported continuously and can be accessed with the help of any device such as phone, tablet, computer when needed.

Keeping track of the changing era and the digitized new generation also goes through the digitization of these traditional processes and the catching up of the era. At the same time, thanks to the barcodes on digital certificates, controlling the reliability of these processes more quickly and practically eliminates the difficult signature process in traditional certificates and makes one of the most important things for today, namely saving time. These barcodes are also a logical process in gaining the trust of users and people who witness it by sharing certificates by eliminating the process that enters our lives over the internet and creates information pollution and insecurity.

To Summarize

The differences between the use of digital certificates in online training and the use of traditional certificates can be listed as above. Among the various differences we have mentioned, namely, being accessible via a tablet phone or computer, in short, any technological device, carrying out the process with a more environmentally friendly policy, and ensuring the reliability of the processes by checking the accuracy of the processes with the smart barcodes used in digital certificates, will push us to increase the use of digital certificates in online trainings. . The use of digital badges and digital certificates in online education processes will increase day by day and the processes will become easier.

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