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Challenges of Sharing Non-Digital Certificates

  It is crucial to be able to share the certificates we have obtained as we wish. These certificates, which are earned as a result of long efforts and studies, become meaningful when they can be shared with other people and institutions. This is what makes certifications different from ordinary training. These certificates obtained give important information and details about the individual. The most important way to create a good image in the business world and to show all the hard work is to share these documents. But, can we share the certificates as smoothly as we want?

  Serious problems may arise if these documents, which are acquired as a result of successfully completed training, are physical documents. It is indeed a big challenge to share the physical certificates we obtain. Since the certificates are just a piece of paper, these documents are subject to all kinds of physical damage over the years, or we can lose them. In the case of any of these, it may be difficult and sometimes impossible for us to re-issue our documents.

  These physical documents may not mean anything in the digital world. If you want to share your achievements, you may encounter different certificate-sharing challenges. It is not easy to prove the authenticity of these documents, which are on paper. Nowadays, copying and manipulating a physical document is a no-brainer. This may cause the physical documents you share on the internet to lose their meaning. A person who has not received the same education can also have this document issued in his own name by applying various fraud methods. In this case, the physical documents you share may pop up with some question marks. This may complicate the sharing process of hard-earned certificates. Digital certificates and badges eliminate this problem. They confirm the reliability and authenticity of your data with technologies that continue to change the world, such as Blockchain. Thanks to the infrastructure used, the authenticity of your documents is proven and this information can be open to access by anyone that you wish.

  Again, while sharing a certificate, you expect this document to contain various information about you and the education you received. In physical certificates, this information is very limited. These documents usually consist of a single page, only the very basic information about you and the institution you received the certificate from. When it comes to information about the education you have received, the case is very similar. Documentation on paper is limited and far from explanatory. Digital certificates and digital badges also solve this problem. These documents make a lot of information available, from the content of the training you received to the curriculum vitae of the instructors, and keep it for you forever.

  Because of the features of digital certificates and badges we mentioned, difficulties in certificate sharing are eliminated. In this period when technology has entered every part of our lives, you can easily share your educational background with everyone and strengthen your identity on the internet thanks to digital certificates and badges.

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